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For all basic porcelain and glassware without logo brand we provide a guarantee of 2 years. Some technology branded logos provides a guarantee on the number of wash cycles. Warranty brand is chosen according to individual printing technology and learn it from us personally:

  • Sandblasted/engraved logo + logo colouring = (high temperature firing 900°C) = LIFETIME waranty (as promo gifts, also suitable for daily use in gastro, restaurants, caffes...).


  • Print decals and print imitations of engraved logo onto glassware (high temperature firing 900°C= LIFETIME waranty (as promo gifts, also suitable for daily use in gastro, restaurants, caffes...).


  • Print decals over colored glazes and print decals onto glassware (low temperature firing 200°C= Low resistance to mechanical scratching and limited washing cycles (suitable as a promo gifts only).


  • Colored glazes of porcelain and glassware (low temperature firing 200°C= Low resistance to mechanical scratching and limited washing cycles (suitable as a promo gifts only).


We do not provide any guarantees of Pantone coloured porcelain and glass. Glazing colors are partly resistant to dishwashers, but not mechanical scratches, such as metal objects and more violent handwashing with sponges and spoon use. Inside Pantone glazes, upper edges of mugs and glazed saucers are most likely to be damaged as you can see the photos.




Pantone color glazed handles and lines on edge of saucers are more resistant to damages and scratches. We offten produce coloured handles and round lines to restaurants and caffes.



On the basis of certifications issued by the Regional Health Officer we are authorized to issue a safety health certificate (certificate of conformity). We provide You declaration of conformity according to the EP and the EC Council and the Law 258/2000 Coll. the protection of public health.

All products in the production line pass through several processes in which it is checked quality, however, also the master carpenter sometimes fails. If in the shipment is damaged or defective item, please contact us as soon as possible. All claims are trying to solve mutual satisfaction. Subject of a claim can not be pieces damaged by the client mistreatment.

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