We offer special double-walled cups STARCUPS with a very elegant design. STARCUPS have advanced thermal design that reduces the surface temperature and minimizes heat transfer. Drink maintains on optimum temperature and quality of taste. We are the importer to European Union, with low prices guarantee.

STARCUPS are suitable for businesses with high quality coffee like rostery, as it allows to serve drinks at a suitable temperature and optimum flavor. Lids tight seal and protect consumers on the road from spilling the drinks - we offer them in black and white color.

All products have certificates issued by the National Health Institute.


100ml (4oz)............800 pcs/package
200mL(8oz)............800 pcs/package
300ml (12oz)...........500 pcs/package
400ml (16oz)...........500 pcs/package

white /black 100ml………….......800 pcs/package
white /black 200ml………....…...800 pcs/package
white /black 300ml and 400ml....500 pcs/package

Prices without VAT and freight cost. PRICELIST on request.

  kelímky na kávu s potiskem

Design of your own logo on STARCUPS

Quatity 1 color 2 colors 3 colors 4 colors
1 000 - 1 999       3,04 CZK       5,30 CZK        8,00 CZK        9,80 CZK
2 000 - 2 999       2,86 CZK       5,00 CZK        7,60 CZK        9,30 CZK
3 000 - 3 999       2,56 CZK       4,50 CZK        6,90 CZK        8,60 CZK
4 000 - 4 999       2,40 CZK       4,20 CZK        6,60 CZK        8,00 CZK
5 000 - 5 999       2,28 CZK       3,90 CZK        5,90 CZK        7,50 CZK
6 000 - 6 900       2,10 CZK       3,60 CZK        5,30 CZK        6,70 CZK
7 000 - 9 999       2,00 CZK       3,40 CZK        5,00 CZK        6,30 CZK
10 000 - 14 900       1,90 CZK       3,30 CZK        4,70 CZK        5,80 CZK
15 000 - 19 000       1,80 CZK       3,20 CZK        4,40 CZK        5,40 CZK
20 000 and more calculation necessary

The price for a printing plate (engraving) with one color and theme 500 CZK.

One-time surcharge for graphic work and preparation 1.500 CZK

Maximum logo print area is 35 x 70 mm for 1 position.

Delivery date is 10-12 business days from preview approval.

Prices without VAT and freight cost.



Reinforced, eco-friendly cups for hot beverages made from natural FSC cellulose or ECO paper. FSC cups are an ecological alternative to petroleum-made plastic products. Lids tight seal and protect consumers on the road from spilling the drinks - we offer them in black and white color.

Interior of a cup was sprayed with PLA (corn starch) and joints were melted by laser (it doesn't contain glue). It's a plastic mass made from biomass, so it's made from renewable sources and therefore intependent on petroleum and it's admixtures. It can be biodegraded or composted.

Cups are neutral taste, absolutely free of allergens and certified for use in gastronomy.

CUPS Pieces in package  
100ml 50           
200ml 50       
300ml 50           
400ml 50           
LIDS Pieces in package  
100ml - NOT PRODUCED -         
white / black 200ml 50        
white / black 300/400ml 50          

Prices without VAT and freight cost. PRICELIST on request.


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